Navy Boucle Short Dress

Have you ever looked into your well stocked closet, stood there for long time, and found yourself at a loss when asking yourself that quintessential question: “What should I wear today?” Recently, as the weather warms up in O.C. this week, I looked  into my semi-organized closet (shocker!) and was completely confused as to what to wear. What I needed was something that would give me the feeling of an old friend–comfortable and chic all at the same time. Then I decided  I needed a perfect, simple dress I could throw on and feel absolutely pretty. Some designing and sewing happened and tada! I wore the dress to this delicious and  beautiful  Mexican restaurant in Carlsbad. Food, service, everything was perfect. Dress: House of Ivey, shoes: Michael Kors, Handbag: ChanelIMG_5496IMG_5469IMG_5465IMG_5482IMG_5485IMG_5485


2 thoughts on “Navy Boucle Short Dress

  1. Gorgeous as always my friend! What were you doing in Carlsbad? My mother-in-law lives there & I’ve never been to Casa De Bandini. Going to try it now. Looks like a cool place!

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