My New Best Friend: Cle De Peau Concealer

I have been looking for the best concealer to hide all the flaws on my face: there’s far too many to list, but this includes dark circles, scars, etc. I have used a few, different products before but I was never able to master the artistry of hiding my flaws completely. Until I found this dark, sleek, sexy  looking thing I spotted when I was passing cosmetic counter at Nordstrom called Cle De Peau.  Just with a little dab under the eyes, I saw a complete transformation: tired, dark circles were gone, gone, gone.   I liked everything that it did except the price! It is asking for $70… ouch.I may have to bite the bullet and buy it. Dear Cle De Peau concealer, you are amazing but why do you have to come with a huge price tag? What about you? Are there any concealers that work well for you?


Please leave a comment! Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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