Merry Christmas!!!!

IMG_1129IMG_1088IMG_1078IMG_1091IMG_1052IMG_1028IMG_1017Merry Christmas everyone!!! Did Santa visit your closet and left glass slipper? Why closet? That’s where all my treasures are… I had this beautiful Ralph Lauren multi-tier skirt I had forever.  Yesterday,weather outside was ridiculously GORGEOUS. Yes.  Southern California is having warm Christmas!!! I thought it would be so brillant to take the blue long skirt to one of the most beautiful beach in south county.  These pictures were taken at “Montage Hotel” beach.. Absolutely stunning view!!!Wouldn’t you agree? There were many southern californians enjoying the weather. They know how to spend great Christmas Eve!!!Hope you guys will have chance to visit these beaches and take a moment to count all the blessing we received during 2013… I am so thankful for all the support I received from my friends and readers.. Thank you so much.Skirt: Ralph Lauren,Belt: Dolce &Gabbana, Bag: Donna Karen


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