Boy v. Girl: The lingerie pinstripe dress

untile-2IMG_2743IMG_2748-oneUntitled-1one-sceneIMG_2759 The ordeal of dressing appropriately to the beach is very challenging for me. From what I’ve seen, the majority of people at the beach seem to wear about 2 extra large bandages to cover minimal areas. Call me old fashioned, but I still don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini outside of the confines of my dressing room.Over the years, I have accumulated many different styles of swimsuits: retro style to barely there 2-piece bikini, one pieces to cover ups, and some still have their price tag from the dinosaur age. I can’t resist a nice swimsuit! Sound familiar?

Today, instead of the skimpy bikinis and the flow-y cover up, I chose to wear a dress that looks like lingerie, plus a scarf to hide the the little cleavage I have. Also, I get cold pretty easily – blame it on the coastal air. Even after many, many years in California, I still get chills even at 78 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Let’s just say I’m not built for the east coast (although I do love NYC).

The lingerie dress that I designed and made features a girly lace bodice in a men’s pinstripe fabric. Boy v. Girl all in one. This weekend, drive out to the beach and smell the summer! Take the unloved clothing in the back of the dungeon that is the depths of your closet before you put them back when summer bids you farewell…  Dress: Houseofivey, shoes: Zara, scarf: Ferragamo.  


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