Five Ways to Avoid Shopping Mistakes

BN-DQ975_shoppi_G_20140711163848I am that woman who makes a few mishaps during final sale season. When the “75% off Sale” sign enters my periphery, the words seem to flash like you’ve won the lottery or something. Your heart murmurs thinking about how much $$ you are saving or losing $$ if you don’t find the “one”. This is the kind of logic I possess during the sale season. In the past, I have purchased some great pieces as much as bad pieces with the same reasoning technique.. I have known gaggles of women who forget to pick up kids from school for a moment because they’re perusing the sale rack at the department store. Me?  I may also be guilty, but only for about 30 minutes. 

A recent mishap was made at BCBG’s “Final Sale”.  I was looking for a tight, white pencil skirt. From the beginning, I knew the skirt wasn’t the exactly what I had in mind but because of those deceiving words of ‘70% off sale’ devilishly flashing before my eyes, I walked out with the skirt not knowing it was ” Final Sale”, no RETURN. Now you can guess what happened. Banging my brain against a wall, I’ve found, does not cure how stupid I feel. PLUS I’m still looking for That Special White Skirt at 75% off.. . But even though I may have walked away with a piece that wasn’t up to par, you really can’t beat the rush of finding a good deal. Article in Wall street Journal


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