Urban Camp: Navy blue/pointed white loafer

IMG_2787IMG_2788IMG_2797IMG_2798We all done this before, sitting at cafe for longer than we should. In my defense, when people aren’t dining close proximity of strangers they could warm the chairs until next parties.      IMG_2812IMG_2780pIMG_2787 I am literally suffering from over dose of caffein now.OOOps!  I remember Caffein-Fairy warning, One-Cup-a Day Policy but how many did I have? Don’t remember even if I drank any at all. Brain hardware is gone hay-wired; brain feels like crazy bunny hopping around bushes. It will take long time to shake this jitter-bunny out, I feel like I should be a member of Avengers.  It looks like I will be bunking with owl tonight. I gather few friends at Old Vine Cafe at Costa Mesa to honor a friend who will be spending next 4 years in Thailand doing God’s work. One can only assume, when there are more than 3 women gathered,how many words and laughs are orbiting around  tables, and how quickly food fleet from your plates, no recollection of consuming them or how many cups of coffee were refilled without acknowledgement by a cute waiter. Cafe was very artsy and intimate which it tuck away from busy street, surround with many interesting artsy shops. We want to build the memories for this amazing God’s servant  to take with her and for us to remember the times we shared. We will miss her greatly. Top: Zara, Shoes:Zara, Skirt:Zara

Photographed by Kim Yang Sun


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