Mystery LBD

IMG_2689IMG_2691Untitled-1IMG_2712IMG_2708IMG_2718This lace peekaboo-undergarment ( actually, it is part of the dress) peeking thru black see-thru dress seem little naughty to you? In my own defense, I am intentionally practicing  ” mystery” game. The idea is to don’t show everything at once  but reveal little at time so it leaves people inquisitive. Well, I could wear nothing under the dress(=showing everything and making 9 o’clock Local breaking news as crazy-Asian woman in OC) or I could have worn another black or nude slip to satisfy it as another LBD. Instead, I felt like venturing down somewhere that is “little more risque”. Personally being sexy is all about leaving little bit of mystery.Was I right to wear something sexy to peek thru? May be? Not? I suppose,if you are always getting it right, you are not really doing it right. Right?  So Have fun. Go little crazy. Dress: Houseofivey, Necklace: Zara, Sunglass:Wild Fox, Shoes:YSL


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