Fashion risks you should take by the age of 30

img-fashionrulestobreakbefore30_105939336352.jpg_article_singleimageYou should . . .

1. Step out in thigh-high boots and a miniskirt at least once.
2. Adapt something from a school girl’s uniform –a pleated skirt, Peter Pan collar, or over-the-knee socks–into your working wardrobe.
3. have at least considered the cowboy boot as a wardrobe staple. 
4. Take to the streets in a nightgown.
5. Do sequin pants for a day.
6. Go goth, punk, or grunge for the night.
7. Reinvent an oversize men’s blazer as a dress.
8. Blow your next paycheck on a pair of skinny leather pants and regret it (but not really). 
9. Wear a “signature” hat.
10. Reference at least two of the following for inspiration: Joan Jett, Jane BirkinBianca Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Kurt Cobain, or Anita Pallenberg.

I’ve definitely done #4 ( not literally in a nightgown, but a dress that was lingerie-inspired) and #2. My love for Peter Pan goes beyond just the collar. What about you guys? Personally, these suggestions can be achieved at any age as long as they’re styled right. For example, a miniskirt should be balanced with top that provides more coverage. Plus, as with most looks, it’s all about how you carry yourself; with sophistication and confidence. Age is nothing more than a number!

Image Via: Vogue


7 thoughts on “Fashion risks you should take by the age of 30

  1. Hmm i am guilty of 2,3& 7 but i personally think they are not risky at all but rather statment making and bold ,,

    I was very happy to see my blog withing ur blog roll ,,, am honored ,,, if u have instagram follow me there and i will follow right back @nanyslife

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