White on White/ denim short

IMG_2962IMG_2947IMG_2953IMG_2992IMG_2994IMG_2976IMG_2977Last few days, we have been experiencing a little bit of weather drama : the classic Southern California summer is hot, hot, hot. The sun beats down on the concrete with unrelenting heat as the day gets hotter as it progresses. Then we get little break into the evening. I am not complaining.  Actually, I feel very lucky to live in Southern California where we are blessed with gorgeous warm weather that is perfect all year long to enjoy our many beautiful beaches.  The scent of sun protection cream (I always say more-is -more), the salt in your hair that makes it  fuzzy and  easy to style (sexy bed-head style, am I right ladies?), sets me in great mood.  When the universe serves you with very hot, sticky, sweaty temperature and you really don’t want to make a fuss when you dress, but you can’t go out naked, trying to dress moderately well is very challenging. I know I’m not alone when I saw that I just want to look cool and feel good without thinking too much about it. White on white is definitely a go-to combination I gravitate towards a lot, especially during the summer. Just be very careful not to like like a runaway bride turned into a lost-hippie from the Woodstock era (it’s happened to me before).  Top: Houseofivey, short: Abercrombie&fitch, shoes: Free People, Belt: Dolce&Gabanna


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