Get the Blues/ patched boyfriend jean with stripe top

Are there really rules that are written in the Fashion Bible (Do you have one?  I’ve never had one!) which can’t be broken?  No white shoes after labor day, hemlines should be relative to your age (the older you are, the longer the hemline), once you are a mom you are only allowed to wear mom jeans ( NO SKINNIES!) etc, etc. I personally think these  fashion dos and dont’s are  subjective. The most important rule is to have fun and dress for your mood. So, the Fashion Gods said, there are no rules to break in fashion. Wear whatever looks good on you. Have you experienced things that don’t look good on you , but look fantastic on someone else? Having said that, I was in the mood for a modern-grunge look, patched denim boyfriend jeans with a fitted blue strip top worn over a white t-shirt.  .. sunglasses: Bottega Veneta, Jean:Zara, Top: houseofivey, T-shirt: Vintage

IMG_3372How to give facelift to old t-shirt? Layer another top, like tube top or bustier, or tank top..


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