Split Personality:Comfy Full-Midi Denim Skirt

I consider myself a risk-taking sartorialist, not a conservative dresser.  I always enjoy, very much like all of you guys, skinny jeans, shorts,worn-out body-con dresses and mini skirts, etc where it requires me to stand tall and tuck my tummy in, pretending that I have  nice blocks of Hersey Chocolate Bar abs. A girl can dream… Then what do I do when I have a fat day?  I always want a comfortable, easy to move, groove-in-style that has just the right amount of feminine flare. A go-to item for me is a stylish skirt where I don’t have to  suck in my tummy all day. The only problem is that when I am this comfortable, my brain is chanting In-and-Out burgers all day! Skirt:Houseofivey ( similar one),Top: houseofivey, Sunglass: Bottega Venetta,Bag: Chanel


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