Poor Man’s Jean: Patchwork boyfriend jean

In a course of a week, how many styles of jeans do you rock and how do you make each one look fabulous? Personally, when it comes to ease and comfort, I prefer a boyfriend jean (if they claim we stole boyfriend jeans from our BFs, then have you seen guys rocking skinnies? Shouldn’t we be calling it the girlfriend jean? Just a thought). However, there is one problem with this roomy jean: my brain goes in to confusion mode because I keep thinking I lost weight. The roomy jeans somehow tell my brain I lost  a lot of weight from 5 mins ago so I should eat a double-double In-&-Out burger. Then, when I wear skinnies,  I realize that I have been played by my BF jean.Well, there is no greater feeling than wearing easy and comfortable jean everyday. I think they should make BF jean ” national work uniform.” Comfort is key! For me, it’s the chicest way to wear the go-to jeans style, specially when BF jean comes with poor man’s patchwork design. Jean: Zara, Top: J.crew, Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch, Shoes: ZaraIMG_3646IMG_3640IMG_3603


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