70’s Spin

Louis Vuitton 2015 SS RTW filled with spinning of 70’s revival inspirating the70’s decades of energy.. One of my favorite which I attempt to duplicate…
70’s Iconic singer and Actress, Jane Birkin.. She is the epitome of 70’s classic..

IMG_3876IMG_3868IMG_3863Swinging 70’s vibe flooded the runways in NY,and London, before reaching its crest in Milan and Paris with Louis Vuitton, Gucci, patch work leather to coat.I had this dark, top stitching,bell bottom jean for long time, long time as not decade, certainly not from 70’s) but couple of years. When I remember this perfect pair hidden inside of my dark closet, collecting dust, suddenly fashion- brain start to work overdrive. what a perfect pair to emulate the 70’s resounding trend! So ladies look inside of your dark side of your closet or your aunt closet( even mom’s if she is clothing hoarder!), you will be surprised what you will find, if not 70’s may be 60’s. It is all good!!


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