Fall Essential/Short and Sweet Trench Coat

IMG_4034IMG_3999IMG_4017Confession of shopping genius, that’s me( according to world of my children), would like to inspire all of you guys for coming fall season, Trench coat is all you need, that , and a great pair of gladiator shoes!- on second thought, may be not the gladiator shoes but great pair  skinnies.  Normally,I would styled my blush pink trench coat with brown suede knee high boots or slip on shoes.  Today,I was inspire to challenge the classic look by pairing with interesting, eclectic pieces, in this case with knee high gladiator shoes.  So What is style without fun? right? Personally,I bellieve style isn’t about appearance, it is about building confidence and valuing yourself as woman-Whatever your age, size or shape! Coat: Stella Mccartney,(similar here) 


3 thoughts on “Fall Essential/Short and Sweet Trench Coat

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