Blue Mood: Denim Dress/lace insert

IMG_4044IMG_4080IMG_4110IMG_4088IMG_4075IMG_4095IMG_4065 Any fashionable woman knows a well-edited wardrobe requires easy to wear yet elegant pieces that hit the sweet spot of comfortable and chic.At the corner stones of this casual wardrobe is, of course, denim.Let’s twist this, denim dress with fray edges!! There is more to the denim than standard skinnies jean, don’t you agree?If my mom saw fray hem, she would think  it’s disgracing to the family’s name  and would get her sewing machine out and  fix the edges( while I’m sleeping of course!). Why now the rage of this loose threads orbiting around your body seem appropriate and fashionable? Perhaps, it adds edgy to casual look.Apparently, it is one of the sought after look from street style for the season.   Regardless how edge is finished:finish or fray,  denim represents, Love and Peace to me.dress: houseofivey, shoes: Zara, sunglass: prada, Bag: Fendi(old)


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