Decoding black skirt.

IMG_4355IMG_4335IMG_4363Besides my children proudly would say their mom is  world class shopper, they feel also incredibly privilege to proclaim to world that  their mom is world class clothing hoarder!!- you should see my closet!!  Just to clear the old stuffy air  out of the way, I don’t hold on to dingy, smelly, shrunk or moss infested clothes-When the moss uses my closet as their version of Las Vegas all night buffet, I absolutely have no chance of salvaging any items. (although some of the unrecognizable( it looks brutal!!)  ones have been salvaged  with cutout laces and  fabrics). Mosses are Very ungrateful creatures!! Anywhoo, this black A-line skirt from 90’s, I patched with Cartoonish symbol to hide some of damages. but if you ask, is there meaning behind this patches of symbols? Is it even Art? Yeah, May be I could  call it a Modern Art.  Since my interpretation of  what is Modern Art  goes like  “I don’t understand it but  I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t”. so don’t try to decode what Heart + equal (=) or what the &*^% is black shiny stick slashing equal sign.It has absolutely  no meaning behind them. I would  simply call it Modern Art!! So,do you like my art?Skirt: Ralph Lauren( old), Sweater: Ralph Lauren, shoes: Channel, top: Stylewalker


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