Hello Again?

IMG_4848IMG_4837IMG_4841Untitled-1Well, it’s a classic move for me to disappear for a month and expect to be greeted with open arms. Well, having a thick skin helps , right?  First, let me explain why I was MIA: chronic laziness, serial procrastinating, and the fact that I run around the house yelling, “I have nothing to wear!” every morning since the turn of the year (which happens to suck the energy out of you and resulting absolutely no energy to blog!), the list goes on and on…. Kidding aside, I have been extremely busy with new job, just wasn’t able to find the balances in life.  Anywho,  when drab colored mid-winter skies of OC are upon us, I thought to myself  “Well, isn’t it perfect to layer a cashmere over another cashmere? You can’t have enough cashmere, I always say. The minute I stepped outside, I was so warm and toasty…! How do you layer for cold weather? Skirt: Rag & Bone, Cardigan: Rag and Bone, Sweater: Michael Kors. Boot: Helmut Lang,


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