Unofficial Uniform

IMG_4921IMG_49051IMG_4899Yes I know, School of Design of Timbuktuk wants their colonial custom back. I want to explain why, exactly, I am so obsessed with this Red vest. The colour red is traditionally an auspicious color in Chinese culture and represents happiness or good luck. Don’t go painting all the walls RED!!!! Truly,Very flattering color for all different skin type of women. We are not talking any old red. ” true red is very formal, very red carpet,”. I started as a lazy way to avoid looking like a plain old cute bag lady…   I artfully layered, t-shirt, Vest, neckerchief,and heavy weight-tribal inspired necklace. Red can quickly make any outfits pop. You see what I meant by “Cute Bag Lady”!  Vest: Ralph Lauren(old), shoes: Balenciega, Jack: Zara, Necklace: J.Crew, neckerchief: YSL( part of shirt)


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