4 fashion trend for 2015

I am wondering what to put on my shopping list for fall? Fall wardrobe mean shopping smart. Right? My shopping moto sign flashes just about now!-Buy quality less quantity!So I gather chicest trends( according to Me Standard) I like to add to my shopping list to look fabulous as you will be seeing,shopping,and wearing in the months to come.

The skinny scarf is must,must have accessory of the season.  This would be quite simple to make. Time to visit Mood fabric store!

Thin Scarf

New Victorian Look.

Feeling of 19 century look,high collars, ruffles, I am feeling the love in the fall!


Kitten Stack Heel? Well, you may think it looks like you saw similar pair in vintage store. Well, bring them out and let them get some sunshine. I like the way it add flare and corky vibe to my classic outfits


Belt the Coat. Love the Stella McCartney black flare coat with ruffle bottom pant. It is calling my name!



Please leave a comment! Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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