Sheer Favorites-

Summer is my favorite season when mercury hovers around mid 80’s with cool breeze smitten my face.  Did you know the warmth of sun actually produce happy-more endorphin? Sometimes, too much sun can get your brain so-Be aware! This is why I always  happily run around naked chanting “I have nothing to wear”. What do you do when Summer you’ve loved wants to end the relationship and move in with Fall? Is this mean I have to end my love affair with  gladiator sandal? Well, I am the kind of girl who likes to take relationship slow and still figuring  out stage where it will take me- I could be wearing it well into cold winter with my fur sweatshirt.  Adieu to summer, I wore my sheer favorite  Vintage Chloe´ dress with lace-up sandal that I am not ready to depart with yet.  Do you think I have serious issue saying good-bye?  Chloe Dress,




Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 7.36.25 AM





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