Corset As Accessory?

When I first spotted the corset belt,pop up on Fall runway as accessory, notably Prada, immediately I want to flirt with the ideas wearing that have little to do with bedroom  and everything to do with upping day game.It was interesting how this feminine, sensual (?) bedroom accessory  thing worn over clothes ( not as wear alone pieces of clothing!)  add a notch to look as more as an accessory-not in suggestive way.  Love the idea of this midriff- cincher is drawing attention to the waist( in this case would be my waist, train track!).   Try wearing  over tailored, menswear pieces like coats and shirts to take a one or two notch of your look! Top: Carven, shoes: Zara, Skirt: Houseofivey,Sunnies:Illestiva img_8666img_8630



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