See now,Buy now Burberry Spring 2017

Designer brands traditionally present their work at fashion weeks half a year before it hits stores, showing fall clothing in February and spring looks in September, thus creating a lag between seeing and buying. Started in 2016,See now, buy now model, collection available immediately after appearing  on the runway marks the new era for the fashion industry. Unveiling and offering clothing in the season it’s intended generates the level of excitement with shoppers and inclination to buy for instant use.Plus,cutting the time between showing a collection and selling it kills the opportunity for counterfeiters to bring knockoffs to market in the intervening months.However, one draw back to this format is consumer has less time to discover the collection. Burberry has been among the first in the industry to embrace the Internet age with open arms, optimizing its global reach via all the digital channels at its disposal. Here are some of my wish lists from Burberry  Spring 2017 collection!_bur0169I love the way the cable knit was  reconfigure as sexy, off the shoulder top._bur0055



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