Black Top with Statement Sleeve/

Happy Friday! I refuse to accept how today can be Friday. Where did the time go? Without the rigid plans in placed ,they seems to ignore my presence and my wishes. Seriously I wanted to post 3 posts a week but I seems to fail to post even one post. I suppose I just need to follow up with disciplines and motivation. Anywho, eventhough I seemed to have lost a  week, I spend one day making this two pieces out of that week.  IMG_0898ballonIMG_0888


IMG_0897IMG_0879I like the how the sleeve turn out, big and puffy. IMG_0892

4 thoughts on “Black Top with Statement Sleeve/

  1. Oooh! I love this dress. Pouffy sleeve and full skirt. Looks very swishy. But what is the material? I can’t make it out. l love, too, that tea length style. It suits you. So feminine.
    Have a happy Eastertime.
    Kiss, Jo

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