Summer Bag Game/ Basket Bag

The one handbag trend I can’t get enough of 2017 is basket bag. How this picnic basket became 2017 must have item?  Though the basket bag has actually been around for long time, swapping trusty leather bags for basket bag and pairing with anything seem nod to that Parisian cool. Finding summer bag is always hard, when outside temperature is  running above 80 degree and humid.  Anything with hardware or even soft light boho leather tote feels cumbersome and heavy. For summer, instead of lady like tote or clutch, I am upping for charmingly light and functional basket bag for summer. Whether for brunch date or hanging by the pool side, this understated accessory would makes any outfit look endless chic for sure. Bag(similar here)IMG_1223IMG_1264basketIMG_1237IMG_1260IMG_1230IMG_1231IMG_1278Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.28.16 AM


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