Summer Essential. Hat,Sunscreen.

Let’s zero in on one summer essential to get protection from raging sun ray, besides sunscreen SPF Million, which is too predictable! Well,my recommendation would be  close the curtain and stay inside wrap in comforter like cocoon while eating last night Chinese food takeout.  I am guilty of practicing that often times.What Can I say?… Continue reading Summer Essential. Hat,Sunscreen.


Keeping Eye On Trench Coat.

I am so ready for warm spring! I can say I am officially counting down the last few weeks of winter. Which it mean I am more than ready to ditch heavy parka and coat in favors of something more lighter and brighter. Plus,nothing says spring like white crispy dress.  As the saying  goes opposite… Continue reading Keeping Eye On Trench Coat.

Wonder woman?

 When a genie asks what superhero I would like to be, I would say without hesitation how about a “bad ass” wonder-woman!  I am not just talking about wonder woman’s super powers to save the world from bad guys. Being able to read the bad guy’s mind so I can deter their plan before they… Continue reading Wonder woman?

Monse 2016 Resort Collection

Collection had wearable, and noble silhouette that connected instantly with the shopper. They literally twisted shirts into off-the-shoulder tops and voluminous gowns and made the silhouette as the day-to-night versatility with the “slightly unhinged” attitude. Specially love the thick,extra long belt cinched at the ribcage.I would like to pick up the label’s new super wide… Continue reading Monse 2016 Resort Collection

The Black is new Black

Do you know everyday what you are going to wear to look beautiful? Somedays,I  have trouble deciding what to wear to look even slightly semi-decent. Rather, there are too many days I spend good amount of time wondering and runing around naked screaming ” I have nothing to wear!”  This was the day when this… Continue reading The Black is new Black

Sheer Favorites-

Summer is my favorite season when mercury hovers around mid 80’s with cool breeze smitten my face.  Did you know the warmth of sun actually produce happy-more endorphin? Sometimes, too much sun can get your brain so-Be aware! This is why I always  happily run around naked chanting “I have nothing to wear”. What do… Continue reading Sheer Favorites-