Classic Renewed/White Jacket/Denim Culotte.

Hope you guys had wonderful Easter! White jacket is one of the hardworking versatile pieces in my wardrobe for warmer months.  If you don’t  have it in your sartorial arsenal, you should invest in one.You can throw it on basically with anything.Here I pair with denim and t-shirt with print and lots of pearl necklace.… Continue reading Classic Renewed/White Jacket/Denim Culotte.

Black Top with Statement Sleeve/

Happy Friday! I refuse to accept how today can be Friday. Where did the time go? Without the rigid plans in placed ,they seems to ignore my presence and my wishes. Seriously I wanted to post 3 posts a week but I seems to fail to post even one post. I suppose I just need… Continue reading Black Top with Statement Sleeve/

Green Utility Jacket/White Cropped Jean

This morning I woke up to fresh after rain spring air.  Reminding myself, temperature would be a bit chilly but very refreshing. What is the best way to maximize your favorite fall jacket which it deserves outing for weekend errands? This upped rugged utility jacket with fray hem peplum design and back tribual details would… Continue reading Green Utility Jacket/White Cropped Jean

Hello Spring/LWD+Hooded Cape

Hope everyone had wonderful weekend! Last couple of days temperature has been very pleasant to witness the spring actually have arrived in OC. I am feeling the nature taking the stage of changing season, I smell sweet fragrant blossoms filling the air,a chorus of frogs echoes from wood ( many time their midnight choirs wakes… Continue reading Hello Spring/LWD+Hooded Cape

Strike conversation with Cool T-Shirt/Khaki Skirt

Imagine I am in my closet, full of clothes and I am screaming in half naked”I have nothing to wear!” When this unexplained event happens what do I pull out of my closet? My go-to item would be plain white t-shirt with some short essay written on it,that would be my first preference. What’s logic… Continue reading Strike conversation with Cool T-Shirt/Khaki Skirt

Wear ankle socks with dressy shoes.

I am thinking the socks new way now. Wearing ankle socks with a pair of heels! Often time( Major 80’s Trend)! it was considered nerdy, but now it became street style fashion statement trend. Who knew, right?  Here I am wearing ankle socks testing out midi skirt with just sliver of skin shown between. Pairing… Continue reading Wear ankle socks with dressy shoes.

Fringe Benefit!

Let’s talk about fringe today, shall we? I think fringe is perfect way to inject your day-to-day outfit with little bit of  edge and glamorous.  I recently added fringe element to this cream cashmere sweater dress. I wanted it to keep the dress as center stage while completing the cool mix  with fray hem denim.… Continue reading Fringe Benefit!

Waist Slimming Corset

Corset out of 20 century as waist slimming accessory is quickly becoming the trendiest pieces to pair over just about any outfit. Specially for someone like me who has waistline like train track, no curve, corset is fresh way to jazz up my outfit with little bit of controversy.  I wanted to add sultry elements… Continue reading Waist Slimming Corset