Keeping Eye On Trench Coat.

I am so ready for warm spring! I can say I am officially counting down the last few weeks of winter. Which it mean I am more than ready to ditch heavy parka and coat in favors of something more lighter and brighter. Plus,nothing says spring like white crispy dress.  As the saying  goes opposite… Continue reading Keeping Eye On Trench Coat.

Grunge Chic/

You will meet her least once in your life, Grunge Princess that is.Even though she might be sad and has attitude,  she is very pretty inside and you will love her when she smiles! Once in awhile I like grunge look  but I want to look nice, so I went pairing  grunge inspired skirt with… Continue reading Grunge Chic/

Styling essential:Wide Leg Culotte

One of the great ongoing battles of fashion is what you should spend real money on versus what you should buy on the cheap. In a world more and more saturated with fast-fashion brands, it is worthwhile style move to buy core items you would have forever. Not to splurge on here-today-gone-tomorrow items. For instance,this… Continue reading Styling essential:Wide Leg Culotte

New Year,Same Me?

Because I am already freakin’ Fabulous!!!! Kidding aside, there is always room for improvement for ME!!!    It is that time of the year, when saying it is that time of the year,– follow by the winks and many ambitious new year resolutions, like eat healthy, increase saving, Do blogging religiously!!, etc, etc.  And only small percentage… Continue reading New Year,Same Me?

Slip dress with long coat

When I look at this outfits it gives me a glimpse into a different era. This long military coat reminds me of French military and political leader who conquered the much of Europe in the early 19th century. Hopefully we are on same page!  Napoleon Bonaparte?  And this is how my love affair with slip… Continue reading Slip dress with long coat

Corset As Accessory?

When I first spotted the corset belt,pop up on Fall runway as accessory, notably Prada, immediately I want to flirt with the ideas wearing that have little to do with bedroom  and everything to do with upping day game.It was interesting how this feminine, sensual (?) bedroom accessory  thing worn over clothes ( not as wear alone… Continue reading Corset As Accessory?

Wonder woman?

 When a genie asks what superhero I would like to be, I would say without hesitation how about a “bad ass” wonder-woman!  I am not just talking about wonder woman’s super powers to save the world from bad guys. Being able to read the bad guy’s mind so I can deter their plan before they… Continue reading Wonder woman?

Unbalance Marching Band

Easing into fall with unbalance relationship sweater.   When mother nature can not decide how to run thermometer , 80’s during the day and 60’s at night, It seems it would make sense to wear something that would  satisfy crazy mother nature. (My advice: you should never challenge mother nature but go with flow.) so… Continue reading Unbalance Marching Band