Monse 2016 Resort Collection

Collection had wearable, and noble silhouette that connected instantly with the shopper. They literally twisted shirts into off-the-shoulder tops and voluminous gowns and made the silhouette as the day-to-night versatility with the “slightly unhinged” attitude. Specially love the thick,extra long belt cinched at the ribcage.I would like to pick up the label’s new super wide… Continue reading Monse 2016 Resort Collection

Into Emerald Green

I found jewel tone emerald green,not the green crayon you find in kids happy meal but the deep emerald green stone from Aladdin’s treasures chest, very intriguingly sophisticated. Emerald green color can be positively regal and perfect standout color for party and should be worn when you want to be noticed.Plus,did you know when your… Continue reading Into Emerald Green

Lack of balance/ Belted outerwear look

I know I am walking the fine line of question.When is snapping wrong buttons together is appropriate? Yes, I was taught as a young girl growing in Asia to cover up like eskimo,no shoulder baring when outdoor temperature is below 70’s, and button correctly to avoiding looking like circus clown. So how does one (in… Continue reading Lack of balance/ Belted outerwear look

The Black is new Black

Do you know everyday what you are going to wear to look beautiful? Somedays,I  have trouble deciding what to wear to look even slightly semi-decent. Rather, there are too many days I spend good amount of time wondering and runing around naked screaming ” I have nothing to wear!”  This was the day when this… Continue reading The Black is new Black

Diaper Pant?

Yes, they are Drop-crotch pants, or also call it “Poopy-Diaper-Pant”. Truthfully, I am not digging the too-cool for dancer on the stage and apprehensive about the unflattering lump at the croutch!             No matter how much you pull them up will be always saggy at the hips,seat and rear. But not all… Continue reading Diaper Pant?

Black/Navy &Chic All Over

Whoever said navy and black do not go together is wrong. Black has to be the most popular color in the world and it would always be go-to color when in doubt because it is so easy and safe and get you out the door with no thought required. As I recently discover is when… Continue reading Black/Navy &Chic All Over

Good Bye Summer

The days are touch cooler,shorter as we are near the year end of 2015. I am always surprise how a day seems long but year seems surprisingly short. In Southern California, we start to get cold not until January. Currently,I am really enjoying this lovely cool weather after record setting unbearable temperatures during summer. I… Continue reading Good Bye Summer